Educating for affectivity

The Doctor of Pedagogy Juan José Javaloyes Soto, Master in Family Educational Advice was in charge of providing a talk in "Education in affectivity and sexuality" to our teachers.

The talk, in which Javaloyes Soto, shared her experience as an educator and adviser on educational issues, revolved around how to approach sexuality with young people. To this end, he explained pedagogical principles based on the importance of educating in love and knowledge of sexuality from an early age. "Affective illiteracy has every relationship with the development of sexuality," he said.

On this axis, emphasis was placed on the need for constant dialogue to form an affective maturity in which sexuality is focused as the language of love between men and women. In addition, he highlighted the importance of trust to teach to express himself within a family environment that enhances the freedom and dignity of every human being. "The freer you are, the more you love."

This talk is part of the trainings that teachers receive with the aim of accompanying parents in the affective teaching of our students.

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