Alum nudity St. Peter's Pride!

We cheerfully congratulate our alumni of the IX promotion, Gianfranco Catanzaro Mesía, who obtained the first place in the civil engineering degree of the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC).
Here are a few words from Gianfranco:
"I am very happy with this achievement; I feel that it is an important recognition at the end of my formative career, however I could not have finished this stage without the help of many people who have contributed in my education and training; first of all, for my parents who have been supporting and encouraging me from the beginning in every one of my decisions. Also, during my school life at San Pedro College, I received a solid and comprehensive education that promoted my personal growth not only in knowledge but also in skills and values necessary to make a difference in university and adult life. Finally, at the UPC I was able to expand my knowledge in the career that I really love and demonstrate by effort and leadership the pursuit of excellence in each of the goals that I strive and strive to achieve. I am grateful to everyone who contributed so that I can achieve this first place, which motivates me to continue to demonstrate my principles, my abilities and the quality of my work."

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