Children's Ictys 2018

As part of our generator theme, "How do we build community? Working together we went further," the ICTYS Children's 2018 award ceremony was held. In this, the commitment and commitment of our students was rewarded in each of the modalities in which they participated. In addition, parents enjoyed different artistic numbers that sought to call for reflection and provide a message of unity.

In an atmosphere of great excitement, the statuettes were given to the winners.

Integral Communication:

Declamation: Giuliano Gaillard López (2nd A)
Oral narration: Tadeo Espinoza Eslava (K D) and Alfredo Granda Eastes (2o C)
Illustrated tale: Rodrigo Velasco Valenzuela (2nd B)

Illustrated Story: Emilio Gutierrez Seminar (3rd C)

Recitation: Gael Vargas Moscol (2nd B)

Cultural Project:

Project Name: "The Peruvian Bar: Healthy Food"

Franco Leturria Bernal (2nd A)
Vasco Alcalde Gutierrez (2nd A)
Salvador Lingan Luque (2nd B)
Cristian Guillén Pérez (2nd B)
Gael Vargas Moscol (2nd B)
Eduardo Gildemeister Salmon (2nd C)
Mariano Carrasco de la Quintana (2nd C)
Alvaro Alcocer Market (3rd B)
Duilio de la Llave Sánchez (3rd B)
Luciano Rojas Cueto (3rd C)
Salvador Saavedra Vargas (3rd C)
Renato De Los Santos Buleje (3rd C)
Rodrigo Retes Salvador (4th A)
Mariano Buendia Higueras (4th A)
Renzo Voter Ochoa (4th B)
Nicolás Abusada Catalino (4th B)
Diego Ferré Sablich (4th B)
Cristóbal Drago Villanueva (4th B)
Salvatore Trivelli Tapia (4o C)
Tadeo Calero Torres (4o C)
Luis Alonso Marroquín Delfino (4o C)
Franco Pinedo Muñoz (4th C)
Vittorio Sánchez Raschio (4th C)
Congratulations to the finalists and winners!

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