International Awards Ceremony

In recognition of the good academic performance that students had taking the international exams last year, our International Ceremony Awards were held on Tuesday, April 30. Where 150 diplomas were given to our students.

The ceremony began with the award to 14 students of 4th grade last year who successfully took the YLE Flyers exam. Recognition was also provided to students who surrendered Primary Checkpoint and Lower Secondary Checkpoint. In addition, diplomas were given to students in German classes 7 and 8 who were certified 'on their way to DSD at A1 and A2 level'

At Middle and High School, students who surrendered the DELF "Diploma of French Language Studies" were also recognized. This international certification is the only official French-as-a-Foreign Language diploma awarded by the French Ministry of National Education through CIEP.

In addition, High School also awarded students who surrendered the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE). On the other hand, the 9 students who participated in MUN (Harvard Model United Nations) were specially recognized.

Finally, students who scored outstanding at IGCSE in the 2018 edition were also recognized.

We are proud of all the students awarded for their performance and outstanding grades! We are sure that these certifications will support your training and level in the language, which will open many doors for you.

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