Educational Experience

  • Excelencia académica

We seek to integrate and contribute to today's complex, changing society that presents multiple challenges at the global level so our academic focus is on developing skills that contribute to the achievement of strong training Academic.
We promote creativity, language learning, the use of technology as tools in the teaching and learning process. In addition, within this academic training, international travel experiences in the academic, cultural, technological and language fields allow students to open their minds and learn about other cultures.

  • Tecnología e innovación

In San Pedro, the area of technologies is part of the cultural dimension of the person, his capacities of discernment of the useful and timely, of the ethical and objective.
The learning of technology supports other areas, through it we acquire skills and skills that allow us to improve our teaching-learning processes, collaborative and inclusive work, we obtain an instrument with which we can connect us to the world and its advancement, and naturally unwrap ourselves in it.
The ultimate goal of this learning is to be personal use, promoting autonomy, creativity, problem solving, responsibility and critical management of technology.
The use of technology takes place in four different areas: research technology, technology to communicate and collaborate, technology to learn and produce and learn technology.

  • Cultura

Art and culture are two very important components within the integral training of our students, that is why we provide them with spaces conducive to discovering, cultivating and deploying their artistic gifts.
Artistic education and cultural training strengthen students' diverse intra- and interpersonal skills such as self-knowledge, the ability to contemplate, the deep look of reality, the freedom to communicate their feelings and emotions, empathy, teamwork and the ability to deliver and serve others.

  • Deporte

The area of sports has as its mission to promote and manage the sports life of our students working in the physical – behavioral dimension of the person, collaborating with their integral training and helping them to develop through the practice of the virtues and values that make up our educational proposal.
As a College we prepare students in the competencies of ADECOPA and ADECORE highlighting with the first positions in various disciplines. In addition, we offer extracurricular workshops where students can develop in different activities such as: basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, tennis, among others.