Our Pillars

  • Integral Education

To educate in an integral way is to attend to all dimensions of the person, developing an intellectual, cultural training, spiritual growth and emotional maturity; encouraging charitable participation and sporting effort at each stage of school life.

  • Personalized Education

Accompaniment is one of our fundamental pillars and it shows as we ensure the timely support of our students and their families.

We comprehensively address the needs of our students, allowing us to identify their skills, talents and difficulties to improve and develop them throughout their school education hand in hand with their family as part of the team.

  • Educating with the family

We believe that by encouraging family participation, we create an affective, warm and safe environment that makes learning an enriching experience and makes children feel loved and confident at home.

Working together as a family and school allows the integral development of students to be carried out in a more solid and complete way.

Parents are the main educators and as a school, we want to accompany them in this process.

  • San Pedro and Villa Caritas integration

Our Schools project a differentiated education model that allows the staff to recognize and value the differences and rhythms of growth, maturity and approximation of boys and girls, for the benefit of the development of teaching and learning processes. In addition, we offer them spaces of coeducation, where boys and girls share academic and charitable projects, sports events, cultural activities and international educational experiences that allows them to strengthen bonds of friendship and integration among their peers.